Below are some of the client testimonials we have received, showing that with Heart To Heart, our hearts are always fixed on you.

We were in a car accident and received debilitating, painful injuries that severely limited my ability to work, walk, and take care of myself.  Heart To Heart was there from the beginning, helping me to heal, taking care of me, assisting with my physical therapy, and in my recovery.  They went above and beyond what home health aides are required to do, by placing their hearts and souls into their job of assisting me. I truly believe that their extraordinary care and concern is what enabled my family and I to start getting our lives back!  Thank you Heart To Heart! ... Sue Hart

Heart To Heart has made an unbearable situation manageable. Their empathy is truly astounding.  They knew exactly what was needed to get us through that stressful and confusing time in my family's life.  Their main focus was on my wife's recovery, but they also understood the needs of the rest of the family.  I was completely overwhelmed and Heart To Heart was there to help maintain the needs of my household.  I would gladly recommend Heart To Heart Home Healthcare to any family facing the nightmare we had to face.  Thank you very much! ... Mark Hart

I received services from Heart to Heart for 6 months after hurting my back at work. I was unable to take care of myself or my family. Heart to Heart came in and changed our lives during a very difficult time. I depended on them for everything from keeping my appointments, to medication, personal care, and even cooking for my family. I really appreciated the fact that I had the same person taking care of me through the entire ordeal.  It was like having another family member around. I would recommend Heart to Heart to everyone. They go above and beyond any expectations one would have for a home care agency. ... Krista Fowler

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